The Darker Side of the Soul



Dear Soul Seeders,

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far! It has been an “interesting” one for me (the adjective is a throwback to the British art of understatement, influenced by my teenage years and early twenties in England):

Last month we explored the idea of Seeds and I had visions of my seeds growing and blooming and already enjoying the fruits of my labor. Somehow, things have turned out differently and here is where the concept of “Soul” becomes both challenging and interesting for me. Those who know me are familiar with the fact that I love the idea of the mystery of how our lives unfold. However, this is where it can also get tricky. To explain what I mean, I thought of exploring the idea of Soul a little bit:

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Welcome to Soul Seeds!!

In this broad earth of ours,…enclosed and safe within its central heart, nestles the seed perfection.
-Walt Whitman

The idea of a seed has always captured my imagination as a symbol and image of potentialgrowth and acknowledgement of the mysterious blueprint we each carry within. If this sounds like a lot of new age mumbo-jumbo, I go back to when I was a girl and how the fairy stories I read (I was a complete bookworm – I would go to friends’ houses for playmates, only to get immersed in a book in their library – aaaahhh! The bliss of sinking into the dreamlike alternate realities…) would often involve the magical powers of seeds.  Of course, Jack and the Beanstalk is one of the first ones that comes to mind.

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