Welcome to Soul Seeds!!

In this broad earth of ours,…enclosed and safe within its central heart, nestles the seed perfection.
-Walt Whitman

The idea of a seed has always captured my imagination as a symbol and image of potentialgrowth and acknowledgement of the mysterious blueprint we each carry within. If this sounds like a lot of new age mumbo-jumbo, I go back to when I was a girl and how the fairy stories I read (I was a complete bookworm – I would go to friends’ houses for playmates, only to get immersed in a book in their library – aaaahhh! The bliss of sinking into the dreamlike alternate realities…) would often involve the magical powers of seeds.  Of course, Jack and the Beanstalk is one of the first ones that comes to mind.

A common theme involves the apparent ordinariness of the seed that leads the protagonist to adventures and riches. Think of the expression seed money. Seeds are SUPPOSED to grow into abundance. There is something magical about a simple little form that has everything it needs, given the right conditions of sunlight, soil, nutrients and water, to yield  seemingly unlimited quantities of the fruit that Mother Nature designed it to gift to the world.  And that fruit contains MORE seeds that will go on to produce!

Today, in the spirit of the fantasy-filled 9 year old girl that I was (many years ago and yet stubbornly embedded my Being), in this  Soul Seed Collective I am planting the seeds of what I hope to be a rich exchange of thoughts, ideas and abundant giving and receiving for all:

seed garden

I would LOVE to hear from you:

  • What seeds you are planting or wanting to plant in your life? (the mere thought of which makes you feel alive)
  • What words, thoughts, images, doodles, music does this post inspire in you?
  • Which books capture the imagination of your younger self?

It has been my experience that inspiration is often more readily sparked in the presence and conversations between two or more people.  Ideas are set off like those helium party balloons that escape a child’s hand to continue floating up into the universe until they are mere specks in the sky (who read “Goodnight Gorilla” as a kid?)

(Post your comments below)


With excitement for the planting of seeds for further conversations,

I look forward to hearing from You.


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2014-11-FINAL-JWRLY-TITINA (1 of 6)


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3 thoughts on “Welcome to Soul Seeds!!

  1. I remember the film made in France about a little boy that followed a red helium ballon all over the city…it was a silent film. Im planting a seed of making home right now and creating a portfolio of sellable artwork that emanates my inner vibrancy and brings me and others joy! I am looking forward to watching it all develop around me as time passes…


  2. Thank you for embracing, and being at home with, “mystery.” Sometimes we create more problems than we solve by trying to explain or control the mysterious in our lives, instead of simply allowing this force to work its magic – as it does in music, art or dance.


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